The game is currently in early access, because not totally finished, but ready to be used and successful enough to be appreciated, I would like to test the efficiency of the servers with many connected players.

The game will be available early from 6 to 12 months depending on game sales and the success of the kickstarter.

In the final version the multiplayer will be perfectly optimized and stable.

I also plan to add many more quests and the second half of the scenario has yet to be implemented.

If we are able to raise some funds through sales we can also offer you important visual additions

The game currently works, with all the final mechanics implemented, remains to refine the details, make it all more ergonomic, but you can already use all the mechanics presented

You can leave me all kinds of comments on my different contact addresses or on the game discord.

All experiences / opinions / advice is good to take to advance the game 

The community is just waiting you.

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