Snow Ash Land

The social top down shooter Multiplayer

Snow Ash Land is a multiplayer post-apocalyptic top-down shooter game with rpg mechanics and survival in a semi-open world. It simulates a reborn society in a post-apocalyptic world. 

Guided by factions with very different ideologies, the player can choose to help rebuild civilization or destroy humanity. There's a lot of interractions between players in multiplayer mode : Guilds, pvp territory wars, resources and information exchanges, language, politics, economy, building...


Snow ash land is a multiplayer social game with many mechanics.

And each of your interactions will have an impact on the game of others.


We have focused on the details of survival, the weather effects are totally variable, a storm in the middle of the night can kill you in a few minutes.

Equip yourself with a complete and complex inventory of which each of the 800 objects will gradually slow you down, some will deteriorate over time, others will give you information about the world, but many will be essential to your survival.


You will have to fight for your survival, adapt to this world that has become hostile, cross forgotten territories and give up.

The short days will be cold and the long nights much longer, but the shade will be your ally, allowing you to hide from the NPCs and other players.

Your enemies will adapt to the way you play, the more aggressive you are, the more aggressive they will be too.

A dangerous world

At the beginning of the story you will be catapulted directly into a conflict that you can only understand by seeking information scattered throughout the territory.

And once you have put the pieces of the puzzle together, you can understand the social problems that govern this world, the complexity of the situation and the story, focusing on the characters as well as the history of the world in which you live.


The game has a strong dynamic sandbox ,you will have the ability to modify the economic values of the server (tax ,budget, help to the people, etc.) but also act on the resources available ,by contributing to empty or fill the state coffers and their said resources.

You will have the possibility to build houses and defend them anywhere outdoors (as long as it doesn't block an exit of the map) each player will have the possibility to destroy your constructions, but you can also invite players to join your guild to share your house with them.

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